Saturday, November 5, 2011

Halloween in New Jersey!

Happy Halloween!

            We hope all had a wonderful holiday.  I know the Jeppson household loves Halloween.  It was a little different to say the least here in New Jersey, but it was a memorable one at that.  We had more trick or treaters than we have ever had!  At least 100 if not more.  We had the senior missionaries over for FHE.  Soup, Chili, salad, jello, rolls and yummy desserts for all.  Our assistants answered the door for us when the children came so we could focus more on the group.  After dinner we read scriptures that had the word fear in them and read the last verse of How Firm a Foundation.  “Fear” not I am with thee so be not dismayed.  For I am thy God and will still give thee aid.  I’ll strengthen thee, help thee and cause thee to stand.  Up held by thy righteous, omnipotent hand. Jon then told about our Mission Presidents Seminar we hand in Rochester, New York earlier in the month.  We spent 3 ½ days being trained, eating and visiting church history sites.  Due to a cancelled flight we missed going to the Palmyra Temple, but arrived in time to hear Elder Jay Jensen.  We were able to go to the Sacred Grove, Joseph Smith Farm, Peter Whitmore Home in Fayette (where the church was organized) and Hill Cumorah.  It was beautiful, but rainy.  We sit in awe of those who are so knowledgeable not only in the scriptures but of the history of the church.  It was great to be with other mission presidents and learn how their missions are going.  Hey, we don’t feel so bad.  But we enjoy our evening with the senior missionaries.  They are incredible and hope to encourage any of our brothers and sisters from our families or brothers and sisters of our ward and stake to think seriously about serving.  They will not regret it and will be blessed for doing so.
            I was fortunate to have some of my sisters and brother come and visit.  I was so happy to see them and we had a great time being together.  When you come and see New Jersey you get a different perspective.  I thought it was all chemical plants and industrial buildings, but it is so much more.  Forests, marshlands, beautiful beaches and boardwalks, unique and quaint homes, forest animals and a ton of history.  We were able to see the Princeton Battlefield and Monmouth Battlefield this week.  A lot of revolutionary war stuff going on here.  We also enjoy driving through the Princeton University area.  The architecture is incredible.  They have very unique church buildings here as well.  People are still recovering from the storm of the century.  Power is still out in many areas and trees and power lines are down.  It warmed up for the trick or treaters so that was good. 
            We continue interviewing missionaries and start transfer planning because we are looking forward to 9 more missionaries coming next week!   BTW we have 10 baptisms scheduled for Sunday.  Wahoo!  Love to all! Dad and Mom, Jon and Bonnie

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