Thursday, July 21, 2011

And the beat goes on!

Yes, the beat goes on and on and on!  We are heading into our 3rd week.  4 mini zone conferences, 3 days of missionaries coming, transfers and departing missionaries, meetings, baptisms, and hours upon hours of interviews is how our first two weeks have begun!  We are exhausted, but it is a good tired!  These missionaries are so great.  They are full of life, spunk, spirit and strong testimonies.  The Bahrs before us have certainly done a fantastic job and we hopefully can continue to push forward and upward.  We have been to 3 baptisms which truly have been very special to witness.  I am so used to 8 year olds.  I rarely get to see families, children of all ages and adults enter the water!  Jon has non-stop meetings.  I have non stop cooking, shopping, washing sheets and towels and daily medical problems with several missionaries.  We think we have finally settled into this home.  We are more organized and hopefully can get ahead of ourselves how.  Like I said, we had our first missionaries arrive, nervous but excited.  After a few days we got calls of homesickness and some wanting to go home.  Jon is masterful in talking to them.  They are tired from the long flight and need to catch up on sleep.  That will help.  We had missionaries depart after completing their missions.  What a special spirit they had.  Wish they could keep that wonderful feeling with them always.  This week we have interviews from 10 to 5 every day.  Jon interviews them, they eat bagels and fruit and then come to me where I show them a video from Elder Eyring on choosing to serve the Lord.  We talk about the power we have been promised to receive to help us with our purpose of bringing souls to Christ and afterwards discuss their family and any concerns they have about their health etc.  We have very full days with calls all through the day.  Days go by fast when we are so busy.  We love the beautiful scenery here.  The roads are plush with trees.  We see deer, squirrels, chipmunks, fireflys daily.  Life is good, but we sure miss everyone.  Have a great week and love to all.    Jeppsons in Jersey

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