Sunday, July 3, 2011


Well, it has been quite the experience.  We flew into Jersey seeing the skyline of Manhattan and the Statue of Liberty.  It was amazing.  Gave out a pass along card to a man who helped us with our luggage. After a few minutes wondering who was going to show up to pick us up, the Bahrs finally came and took us to a beautiful home.  Everything is so green.  Lots of trees!  Everywhere.  The weather has been delightful.  Everyone said this is unusual.  It felt like Utah weather especially at night.  The humidity is low right now and they said be grateful.  We spent 3 hours trying to get everything possible from the Bahrs before they left us to ourselves.  And when we came to ourselves, we were baffled beyond belief!!!!  Now what?  We were exhausted.  I was homesick already and Jon was roasting to death.  Thank heavens for a bedroom fan.  The bed is huge!! There is a step stool to climb up to it.  I started laughing because Jon had to pull me up to get on top of the bed.  Needed to laugh to help the homesickness.  Slept well because of exhaustion.  This morning we got up at 6:30 to exercise.  I walked around a beautiful neighborhood and Dad went downstairs to lift weights.  His bike hasn't come yet.  I got back and started to get ready to shower and the movers came...8:30 am.  I gave him a pass along card and then said, "since you are such a happy guy I want to give you this book  and hope you will read it because you will be even happier!"  He said "Thank you.  It will be for me and my daughter." I threw some clothes on and went down and helped the mover for 2 hours.  Dad was supposed to meet the Assistants at 10 am and I was still not dressed.  I threw some more clothes on and we raced to the mission office where we met several of the office staff and two darling Assistants:  Elder Potter and Elder Maughan.  They helped us with our phones and told us about the mission.  They were very helpful and a delight to be with.  We were pumped with all kinds of info.  Left there at 2 pm and went to a little Itailian Cafe for a quick bite.  We found a grocery store to get the basics and then went home where Jon tried to set up the computer and unpack the office stuff while I was on the phone with two Elders, one who needed help with his scoliosis (sp) and the other with a toothache.  I did the best I could!  Then the 1st counselor in the Mission Presidency and his wife said they were bringing in dinner at 6.  I was on the phone with an elder when a neighbor (husband and wife in their late thirties and their 8 yr old son, came with muffins to introduce themselves.  They have known 4 mission presidents.  Great people.  Then the neighbors on the right came with choclate chip cookies.  Great people as well.  The Jones came (who are the mission counselor and the RS president of the ward) and brought a yummy dinner which we were very grateful for.  Talked for awhile about the mission and some great ideas.  I'm sure I looked like I was in a daze.  They left and now I am writing this and about to go unpack some more boxes while dad meets with the APs!  It has been a whirlwind, but we are having fun together and enjoying all that we are seeing, the people we are meeting, and the experiences we have had thus far.  Love to you all and so appreciative for all of your help and support.  Give a kiss and hug to our darling grandchildren and one to you all as well.  We love you so, Dad and Mom, Jon and Bonnie.  Teach, Testify and Baptize!   Rock On New Jersey Morristonw Mission! 

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