Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dementia has hit!

Hello to all,
      Yes, well we have had so much on our plate that we don't even remember if we have said the prayer at dinner.  We look at each other and ask,"Did we say the prayer?"  and neither one of us can remember.  Even with planners and notes we don't remember alot of things.  We are constantly reminding each other of where we are suppose to be, what we are doing, or where we are going, which missionary is doing what or when or how.  But it is all good.  We laugh alot!  This week we went to the Manhatten Temple with our departing missionaries.  Amazing.  New York traffic is unreal.  A sea of yellow cabs everywhere and a ton of honks to go with it.  I'm proud to say I was personally honked at 5 times because I was not moving fast enough obviously.  Jon drove in a 12 seat van into the city under the Lincoln Tunnel.  It was surreal going under the Hudson River from Jersey and then into New York.  It is incredible to see Angel Moroni at the top across the street from the Juliard School of Music.  We parked in the $30.00 parking lot, that is right, $30.00 to park and went inside the beautiful temple with stained glass everywhere.  So much noise on the outside and nothing to be heard on the inside except wonderful, quiet peace.  Small session of course but it was special to be with those missionaries who have completed 2 years of hard work and committment to serve.  Jon and I were the witness couple because we were the only ones married there!  After the temple president took us in a room where he talked to the missionaries and had Jon and I bear our testimonies (I have never borne my testimony so much in my life!).  Then he set Jon apart as a veil worker so when he comes he can help take missionaries through.  We then walked to Central Park down one block and had a picnic with lunch that we had ordered from the deli next to the temple.  It was a great day.  Cars galore however and so many people!!!  We had a real date night finally on Friday.  A good break.  Our p-day was filled with interviews, shopping for transfer conference and then we went to a luau that some of the missionaries had planned with the members of their ward.  Investigators came through to see each organization was a different polynesian island and then they told about priesthood, RS, YW, primary etc.  Then we had a luau dinner and program where the missionaries performed etc.  They worked hard.  We had an investigator named Junus.  A different woman's name for sure.  She loves her two missionary sisters.  THey taught her how to fast and prayer.  She said she have never fasted and everytime she went by the sick she was dying for a drink of water, but then she would go and pray and specifically pray to have her house sold so she could move to where her daughter lives.  Coincidence?  I think not.  The next morning she had a call from her realtor that her house had been sold the previous day.  A small miracle for sure.  She said it was because I let two darling girls into my home to teach me.  She still has alot of questions and hopefully before she moves to FLorida she can be baptized.  Today we went to the baptism of Sergio who is 27.  He had been stubborn, but finally realized what he was feeling.  He said he felt something special 3 times and decided he needed to be baptized.  Again they asked for testimonies from Jon and I.  Jon is amazing.  He can talk so freely and express himself so well.  I struggle, but do my best.  Tomorrow our next set of missionaries arrive from the MTC.  WE feed them dinner, Jon interviews them, feed them breakfast, trainers come in to be taught, feed them lunch, get paired up with their companion, leave for the rest of the transfers (feed them cookies), bring the departing missionaries home, feed them, interview, talk, etc. bed, wake up at 5:30, feed them, send them off to the airport.  Then Jon and I go back to bed....yeah right...maybe that is why we can't remember anything anymore.  We start all over again!  But it is good.  So great to be with wonderful young men and women who are trying so hard.  We are learning alot and realize we have a lot more to learn.  Love to all.....Jon and Bonnie, Mom and Dad, President and Sister Jeppson

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  1. Bonnie- Sounds so much like my Mom's first email/post when they began their service in Indiana! Overwhelming, at best! Love to you!