Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Shaking things up in New Jersey!

 Well, we are certainly shaking up things here in New Jersey and I don't mean the earthquake.  Our missionaries are aweseom.  We have 15 baptisms this coming Sunday.  They have been working so hard and we are very proud of them.  As for the other shaking, it was quite eery.  I was coming down the elevator to get a fruit platter from the car and it started to shake back and forth.  I thought, hmmm, is this breaking or could this be an earthquake?  Earthquakes in the east?  I don't think so..I past it off.  Went to the car and on the way back all these people were coming out of the building looking very frightened.  They told me there had been an earthquake and not to go back in the building.  Of course most of these individuals have never experienced an earthquake and were quite shaken up about it.  I went back in and up the stairs this time.  Into the office I went and found that everyone had evacuated the building but the mission office!  They were all there still working.  It must be their faith! Certainly not common sense. They are all from the west and didn't seem to get all anxious about it even though the floor did wave and things shook.  West Virginia is where it all started with a 5.8 magnitude and was felt all along the east coast.  There was some damage to some structures, but no one here was hurt and everyone is safe.  It has been on the news all night and day.  They were checking the Holland Tunnel, Lincoln Tunnel and George Washington Bridge for structural damage.  It would be quite scarey if you were in one of those tunnels or crossing the bridge and had a major earthquake I must say.  I get a little claustrophobic just going through the tunnels myself.  
             I have turned into Beverly Cleaver and Jon is Ward Cleaver.  We are always dressed up!  I can cook, clean a toilet, garden, shop all in my skirt and apron.  I have forgotten to know what it feels like to wear pants and would feel wierd wearing them now.  We have had a little break, I must say, very little in the hectic routine.  We actually had a date night and our first p-day on Saturday.  It is fun trying new and different restauarants.  The Itailan food is very good here.  Could it be the real deal?  There are alot of Italians.  Alot of Italians mean alot of Catholics.  Our neighborhood is mostly Catholics but they are very good people.  We continue to open our mouths and give out pass along cards.  People are genuinely polite when we talk to them.  We continue to learn alot.  We start in with zone leader council on Friday and then start leadership training and new missionary training.  Jon does an amazing job in teaching these missionaries.  I must say I do an amazing job doing everything else!  I know this because I haven't curled up in a fetal position yet.  I have had a few blonde, ditz moments but other than that we are holding our own.  We are humble because if you don't stay humble, the Lord does it for you quickly.  We have learned that for sure.  Another thing for sure, the missionary work in New Jersey is rockin and rollin and not because of an earthquake.  Love to all, Dad and Mom, Jon and Bonnie, President and Sister Jeppson  

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